Halter Fitting

Alpaca and Llamas are semiobligate nasal breathers which means almost all their air intake is through the nose. A properly fitted Zephyr halter will not interfere with the airway for optimal safety and performance

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Fitting the Zephyr Halter

  1. Start big. Before Haltering, set the noseband on its biggest setting (last hole)
  2. Place it safe and snug. Put on the halter and tighten the crownpiece so that the halter with not move forward and off the nose bone. There is likely room for adjustment on the noseband
  3. Check noseband fit. Adjust the noseband so that it just makescontact all the way around the nose. It should not be too tight or too sloppy. Take up any extra slack.
  4. Check for safety. Pull Noseband forward from both side rings. If it slips off safe area of the nose bone, tighten crownpiece again.